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in collaboration with the Center for complexity & Biosystems of Milano University On May 14th, 3.30 pm, ALESSIA BERTERO (Department of Environmental Science and Policy, University of Milan) will hold the online webinar entitled: “Emerging […]

Our summer schools go online! Find out the first school planned for June

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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic related restrictions, some schools have been rescheduled and some will be hold online. The first one will be “Alternative methods and models in Science: a multidisciplinary […]

“The nucleus Science Talk” Online Talk by C. La Porta & S. Zapperi


In collaboration with the Center for complexity & Biosystems of Milano University On May 12th, 4 pm, Caterina La Porta & Stefano Zapperi will hold the online talk entitled: “Chromatin and cytoskeletal tethering […]

COVID-19 Emergency: check for program updates!


The 2020 calendar is undergoing some changes due to the COVID-19 outbreak in Italy. Some schools have been postponed or cancelled, some schools will be held online! Please check the […]

Have a look at schools held so far @Lake Como School!


More than 100 schools have been held so far at the Lake Como School of Advanced Studies. See the Past schools page for a complete list and link to each school. […]

Important! For all school speakers and attendees!


We have learned that third part companies are contacting school speakers and attendees offering to make travel arrangements (hotel and flight booking) on our behalf and asking for credit card […]

2017 Lake Como School program is online!


2017 Lake Como School program is ready: please have a look at the upcoming schools webpage or contact us at

2016 Lake Como School program is here!


2016 Lake Como School program: please have a look at the upcoming schools webpage or contact us at        

2015 has been a successful year for the Lake Como School!


With 12 schools, the 2015 has been a really busy year for the Lake Como School. Have a look at the topics and participants navigating each school site! Start from the […]

Would like to apply or register for one of our schools? Find out more!


It is now possible to send an application for the following schools: School #15: NTMA. Complex networks: theory, methods and applications May 17-23, 2015 School #18: ERPB. Enzymology and Metabolic […]